3 Reasons to Choose a Sliding Glass Pet Door

3 Reasons to Choose a Sliding Glass Pet Door

Many indoor pets are used to the comfort of your home, but if you work long hours, you may be used to coming home to accidents. A sliding glass pet door enables your pet to go outside for mental stimulation, physical exercise, and to relieve themselves in your absence.  Take a look at some of the top reasons why a sliding glass door is the most suitable pet door.

Better Aesthetic Value

Unlike other pet doors, a sliding glass pet door does not require you to cut a big hole in the side of your home. Instead, our pet doors are installed right into the glass that fits into the frame of your new or existing door. Our pet doors are available in three different colors; white, bronze, and satin, so you can match the pet door to your home’s decor.

The Pet Can Easily Learn How to Use Them

The transparent nature of the door allows you to train your pet on the use of the door from the other side. You can train pets to use their new pet door by calling them through and using praise or even treats when they are successful. Doing this over and over again will ingrain it in the pet’s head, and they’ll soon be able to let themselves out easily. However, you’ll still need to be patient with your pets as they adapt to the new door.

More Freedom

Once your pet understands how the door works, they can always move around freely. They won’t have to remain caged in one corner throughout the day waiting on you to release them. Subsequently, their quality of life will be stepped up. Your freedom is also assured as you no longer have to answer to every distress call from your pet. The sliding glass door is especially important when you leave your pet behind during a workday.

In a nutshell, a sliding pet door not only affords you more freedom but also improves your pet’s quality of life. While shopping for an ideal pet door, be sure to work with experienced professionals for the best products and installation services.

If you are in a rental and are looking for a door to restrain your pet, then a sliding glass door will work best for you. Visit pet door products today for the best pet door installation Utah services. Get a free quote and find out everything else that you need to know concerning sliding glass pet doors.

Author Statement:
Corey Marsh is the owner of Pet Door Products in Salt Lake City, Utah. His company offers energy efficient sliding glass doors with pet doors built right into them. You can select the option to install the pet door yourself or have one of our professional installers do it for you.


Pet Door Products
3052 S 460 W #100
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(801) 973-8000

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